One hundred volunteers completed two-day trainings in the Kazan Kremlin prior to the UNESCO International Forum

Within the framework of the volunteers programme of the International Forum for the 50th Anniversary of Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Heritage, 100 volunteers will be engaged in 12 functional areas. From 29 to 30 November, the volunteers had trainings in the Public Office of the Kazan Kremlin – a site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

“We have completed the general training for 100 volunteers of the International Forum for the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention. They have two more stages of the educational programme ahead – functional and on-site training. Undoubtedly, an event of such a high level cannot do without volunteers. The training programme is a service and part of a motivational programme for the volunteers allowing to show respect for the volunteers’ activities and provide them with all the information needed for the quality performance of their tasks,” said Ayrat Mubarakshin, head of the Volunteers Department of the ANO “Directorate for Sports and Social Projects”.

He underlined that volunteers are part of the organising committee; therefore, it is essential to treat them not as a separate team operating in a standalone mode. According to him, the educational programme is designed not only to give the volunteers all necessary information in their area, but to build effective interaction within the team as well.

The chief architect of the Kremlin, Rustem Zabirov, joined the general orientation training for the volunteers and told them about the history and heritage of the Tatarstan capital’s heart. The volunteers also met their managers, learned the general information about the event, its goals and objectives, various categories of the forum participants, organisers, honorary guests, and overall volunteer management system.

“I enjoyed new acquaintances and got +100 to the desire to become part of the forum volunteers team! Together we are moving towards a dream! Together we are doing good deeds!” volunteer Mikhail Fedorenko shared his impressions.

Forum volunteers will be represented by the two categories:
• Volunteers of the official Forum programme (involved in all conferences and meetings);
• Volunteers of service areas.

The second stage of the educational programme should be a functional training. There, volunteers will study their functional duties, get to know the team, and also handle the cases and possible solutions. Moreover, volunteers will go through an on-site training to familiarise themselves with the forum, its features and zoning. As part of the on-site training, the basics of safety and emergency response will be taught.

Participation in all stages of the training and educational programme for the forum volunteers is a prerequisite for their participation in the event.