“This forum brings us together” foreign delegates commented on holding the international forum for the 50th Anniversary of the UNESCO Convention in Kazan

Representatives of 56 countries came to Kazan to take part in the international forum dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. They shared with the journalists their opinion on the forum and told what issues they intend to solve at the conferences. 

“We are very happy to work at this site. UNESCO is an organization representing the most genuine multinational cultural interaction in all aspects. These are really difficult times, for this reason there are complications related to some issues. Nevertheless, since UNESCO is a multilateral organization working on the principles of multilateralism, there are always some kind of areas that you need to keep working on and find the strength for cooperation no matter what. Such work helps overcome difficult times,” the Permanent Delegate of the People’s Republic of China to UNESCO Yang Jin told the reporters. 

He said that this is his first visit to Kazan and he heard a lot about the unique Tatar culture, which he certainly wants to get to know better. 

“This forum brings us together. I am here in Kazan for the third time. I have fond memories of this city. Today we are at the international forum where culture unites our world and peoples. Thank you for your hospitality. Here we will solve the issues related to culture and education, sites inscription on the World Heritage List under the requirements and criteria set up for us. Sites included in the UNESCO List increase tourist flow to a country by 25%. Today all countries seek to attract cultural tourism, and this also helps to boost the country’s economy,” said Shaikha Mai Al-Khalifa, founder and chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Scientific Research of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For her part, the Minister of Culture of the Syrian Arab Republic Lubanah Mshaweh noted that the Syrian-Russian cooperation in the project of restoring the Arch of Triumph is nothing but the embodiment of a sincere shared commitment to protect the great cultural heritage. “We are aware of the great national responsibility related to protection and restoration of the world cultural heritage, as well as passing on this heritage to the next generations,” said Lubanah Mshaweh

The forum will last until 9 December. It will comprise seven conferences and the youth model of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. 
The 1972 Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage is one of the most efficient and widely recognised international acts developed under the auspices of UNESCO. For half a century, the World Heritage List has been formed within its framework, that is a list of outstanding cultural and natural sites of universal value and requiring special protection.